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Miravue Clinic *** The Secret of Beauty & Seductive Body ***

Management Team surgeon specializing in liposuction surgery and Ms. Darya Tsaruk / International Model in the field of foreign models. Both recognized the importance of health care and maintain the body proportions of your look with confidence. In particular, the fat that sometimes can’t be removed by exercise or diet alone, it causes uncertainty to wear collection show the proportional shape.


Miravue Clinic has compiled tips of the sexy shape with New VASER 2.2 for " Liposuction ", whether it's an abdominal liposuction, thigh liposuction naturally and we're also specialized in customizing your face like a beautiful star by Botulinum Toxin or Injection forehead with fat. Fill the trench with fat is widely popular by the innovative fat transfer as well as surface roughness.